September 2018 Warrior Way Academy officially enters Fall training classes. The emphasis this quarter is Redirection as a core principle of Life-Defense. Redirection is one of the most powerful and complex principles in our curriculum. Redirection of force is also  the most powerful principle of power. As we study Redirection this month we are reminded that even coordination of an attacker is more powerful using this core principle and we are truly “BETTER TOGETHER.”

Train with you soon!

September 2018 Warrior Way Academy will implement “tactical apparel” for all training classes. As of September 1, 2018 Warrior Way Academy will implement tactical apparel for training and encourage students to “practice” wearing these incredibly durable designs during their normal day. Tops for certified programs will remain traditional white, black or red tops according to program. Official WONJIN HAPKIDO certification will be “black” durable pants or shorts for all ranks. Federation, or Warrior Way branded tees will be worn during appropriate training exercises, and of course, anytime around town to promote the program.

Sword Champions demonstrate great success at the Pan American Mulimpia in Las Vegas, Nevada including a Gold Medalist in advanced level Bamboo Cutting, a new Black Belt certification, and several other Gold and Silver Medalists!

2019 US DEMONSTRATION TEAM begins preparation for our 2019 historic demonstration next year. WONJIN HAPKIDO and WARRIOR WAY will be demonstrating the efficiency and Mind, Body, Spirit real world applications of this new worldwide program of LIFE-DEFENSE in the Summer of 2019.