Mind, Body and Spirit Training:

Warrior Way is a Life-Defense program based on real life conflict resolution using battle principles of Self-Defense. Our motto is: “LIVE LONGER…LIVE STRONGER!”

If you are interested in a Warrior Mind calm and clear in the face of life’s issues, a Warrior Body, that looks great and responds to any circumstance, and a Warrior Spirit, Unbreakable in the face of Life’s Battles, you need Life-Defense.

Our professional instructors apply principles of Life-Defense in every class teaching students concepts of Leadership, Wellness and Strategic Defense, all within 45 minutes of Heart Beating, Hard Breathing, Mentally Challenging Warrior Training, guaranteed to leave both new comers and top athletes breathless and smiling!

Warrior Way has classes ONLY for serious Adults, Families, or Executives interested in bettering their Life Performance.

Note: Special Executive programs are available for Team Leads, Managers and C-Level Executives Relieving Stress, while Enhancing Performance in the workplace.

Note:  Special Needs classes are available for people suffering from abuse, trauma, bullying and other life challenges by appointment, working directly with Licensed Therapists.